Nick Hibma writes:
> Right, I finally committed the driver you sent me. let me know if I've
> made a mistake and committed the wrong one. 

Well, the one you committed doesn't have the notification support I
added, or the serial state bits that are in usbcdc.h. Do you need/want
copies of the one I've been working on?

Looks like umodem.c didn't make it into conf/files, either.

> Mike, which Supra modem do you have? I've got a SupraMax 56K modem,
> SUP2920 and it gives me a rainforest worth of endpoints, not somethig
> that looks like a ACM CD Class device.

It's a SupraExpress 56K USB. I believe the SupraMax 56K is documented
as not being an ACM CD device. I've think I've set things up and
cleared my plate enough that I can work on the problem I've been

I'm also curious about is whether anyone else using USB modems for ppp
is using userland ppp, or if they're all using kernel ppp.


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