Speaking of manpages, are there any out there for ugen(4), uhid(4) & ulpt(4)
that are referenced in the usb(4) man page?

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 11:43:09AM +0100, Nick Hibma wrote:
> > Well, the one you committed doesn't have the notification support I
> > added, or the serial state bits that are in usbcdc.h. Do you need/want
> > copies of the one I've been working on?
> Yes, please. I must have them somewhere, but it might be a better idea
> to get your latest version.
> > Looks like umodem.c didn't make it into conf/files, either.
> Fixed (NOTES as well).
> Man pages, we will need those as well. Anyone?
> Nick
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