> I'm all for storing a sample at shutdown and using it to help seed the
> PRNG at startup, but it shouldn't be the only seed used (for example, the
> case where the system has never been shut down (cleanly) before and so has
> no pre-existing seed file is a BIG corner case to consider since thats how
> the system is at the time it first generates SSH keys after a fresh
> install).

Agreed; we need more entropy sources that are available early enough to
be useful.

> It might be only an academic vulnerability, but if someone can read your
> HD during the time the system is shut down then I'd prefer them not to
> know the precise state when the system next starts up again. Yes, if they
> can read they can probably also write, but it seems like a mistake when
> there's nothing really gained by saving the complete state, as opposed to
> an extract.

Academic argument noted; with more entropy sources, this situation will

Mark Murray
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