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> s Kennaway writes:
> >On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> >
> >> Obviously, if you need more randomness than a stock FreeBSD system
> >> can provide you with, you add hardware to give you more randomness.
> >
> >This won't help if it's fed through Yarrow.
> Nobody has said anything about forcing you to use Yarrow, have they ?

If FreeBSD delivers with it, it will get used.
I think Kris has a valid concern. If I assume that I will get good
randomness from /dev/random, and I don't, there is potential danger.

Assume I want to encrypt a message by XOR'ing with randomness.

If I then exchange my keys securely, the message is uncrackable.

With the current approach it has a 256bits key. This is, in my eyes, not
good. Although yarrow is nice, It's suited for any kind of key

> I have not seen any new information in the last N emails from you.

This is because his concerns aren't addressed yet.

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