Kazutaka YOKOTA wrote:
> >Donn, would you please run moused at higher priority, (for example,
> >"nice -5 moused..." or "nice -10 moused...",) in order to see if this
> Oh, I meant "nice --5 mouse..." and "nice --10 moused..." :-)

Tried this.  It doesn't fix the problem.  The mouse is still jumpy no
matter what the nice level.  I believe it's a problem with syscons as
a whole.  For example, whenever I switch to a VC and do kbdcontrol -r
240.34 to get a very fast keyboard repeat rate, the rate at which the
characters repeat is very jumpy as well, much like the mouse.  It was
never like this before.  So, I don't think the problem is specific to
the syscons mouse drivers, just syscons itself.  This started
happening after some commits to syscons a couple of weeks back.

- Donn

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