On 28 Jul, Donn Miller wrote:

>> I am suspecting there may be something in tty interrupt handling in
>> general in the kernel...
> This sounds right.  When I use X without /dev/sysmouse and moused,
> mouse motion is still pretty smooth.  It's only when I use X with
> moused AND /dev/sysmouse that I see the jumpy mouse syndrome.  This
> would be due to the fact that (AFAIK) moused relies on tty interrupt
> handling more so than the raw mouse driver without moused (/dev/mse0).

Just to give a datapoint: I'm using X 3.3.6 with "moused -p /dev/psm0"
and /dev/sysmouse and I *didn't* see the jumpy mouse syndrome. I'm
running a kernel from today (COPTFLAGS+=-Wall).


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