On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Mike Muir wrote:

:Stephen Hocking wrote:
:> About a week ago, I complained of mysterious Sig 11s during a make world.
:> After some experimentation, a PC100 DIMM was found to be better suited for a
:> 66MHz memory bus in another machine, who obligingly donated a DIMM in return
:> that actually works with a 100MHz bus. I think the trip from Australia and
:> this Texas heat finally pushed the dodgy one over the edge.
:Have you tried any memory testing routines such as memtest86 ? Its the
:only you write to a floppy and it runs before any bootstrap kicks in --
:independant of the OS -- and takes around 18 hours for a single pass. It
:appears to be quite a comprehensive torture test. If so, how did that

Software memory testers don't work.  They may sometimes find problems, true,
but if they don't, it doesn't mean the memory is good.  Lots of failures are
only triggered by certain access paterns, which is why it's so hard to
convince people that their memory is bad.  The only reliable way to test
memory is with a hardware testor, or swapping known good memory in.


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