On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, David Scheidt wrote:

>Ah, that tells you have a problem.  It unfortunatly, doesn't distinguish
>a bad memory module from a bad memory bus.  One of my abits blew up a bit
>ago with SIGSEGVs, I swapped memory in and around till I got to the point
>that I realized that as long as I didn't populate the last DIMM slot, it
>worked fine.  It's not long for this earth, that machine.

Reminds me of the 4-5 SIMM pair on Tyan Tomcat P5 SMP motherboards.
They're notorious for not working.  I've got a pair of those boards and
cannot put exactly 6 SIMMs despite the claims of requiring pairs.  It
*really* wants SIMMs installed 4 at a time.  They were nice boards
otherwise though.

Brandon D. Valentine
bandix at looksharp.net  |  bandix at structbio.vanderbilt.edu
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