> I didn't mean to finger you particularly. It's just a bit upsetting to
> realize that I can't remember the last time I managed to do an update
> to -current without some kind of breakage. I realize that -current
> isn't guaranteed to build, but that's a bit ridiculous. I mean - I was
> pleasantly surprised that I could build the world first time out. To
> find the kernel breaking for a module that I have no absolutely no use
> for on this machine was a bit upsetting.
> I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't use -stable as a buffer, and
> just let the committers deals with things not being up to -current. Or
> maybe check to see if the other *BSD's aren't a bit more demanding of
> committers.
What if the machine building snapshots took a note of the time it cvsup'ped.
Then if the build succeded, it would append this date to a file.
We could then feed this date to our cvsup, to get a version which at least


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