Warner Losh writes:
> So we're down to stale sources at one of the mirrors, I think.  My
> kernel tree here is completely clean and checked out from the my local 
> cvs tree.  Where do you get your sources from?  What revision of
> src/sys/dev/pccard/card_if.m do you have?  The following changed fixes 
> it:
> revision 1.7
> date: 2000/08/11 15:51:51;  author: imp;  state: Exp;  lines: +8 -1
> Define get_memory_offset method
> Which is Friday Morning MST (the time is GMT).  Plenty of time for the 
> mirrors to be updated.

Yes, the version I have is out of date. It came from
cvsup5.freebsd.org over 24 hours after the commit.

> : That may be true - which would mean it wouldn't be any better than
> : FreeBSD has been for the past few months. Or any worse. On the other
> : hand, breaking the build on other projects I've worked on was
> : considered a major blunder. That doesn't seem to be the case here.
> That is the case here.  Believe me.  But sitting around pointing
> fingers after the problem has been fixed is usually not done.

Again, I didn't mean to point fingers or complain about any specific
person. I've been sitting on this for most of the last week; your
change just happened to be the one that caused the problem this time.

Pointing fingers isn't the difference I was talking about. It's more
in the attitude after the fact. On FreeBSD, it's "Ok, I fixed
it." Elsewhere, people apologize for breaking the bulid.


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