Konstantin Chuguev writes:
> "Jacques A. Vidrine" wrote:
> > On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 01:01:59AM -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:
> > > Um - why? If you removed the setting of LOCALBASE in that case, you
> > > wouldn't change the disk layout at all.
> > I prefer installed executables, data files, and man pages to refer to
> > /opt.  Duh.

Ok, that makes sense. I overlooked the man pages.

> Just wondering: what is the reason of using /opt instead of /usr/local,
> apart from Solaris influence? Do you use /usr/local for anything?

I use /usr/opt instead of /opt. I use /usr/local for things that are
local additions to the system, as opposed to things that are gotten
through freebsd. They have different update & backup policies, which
is why they were separated. Ports got moved instead of local because
ports has a mechanism for moving them, whereas local things may or may
not have that.


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