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 > : > Just wondering: what is the reason of using /opt instead of /usr/local,
 > : > apart from Solaris influence? Do you use /usr/local for anything?
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 > : NetBSD uses /usr/opt .  It's a matter of taste.  :-)
 > NetBSD uses /usr/pkg.

Just as a side note (I'm not a comitter)...

At the university we use  /rzdist/FreeBSD  for historical
reasons.  That directory is distributed via rdist to
several servers, and then exported via NFS to clients.
Of course, there's also  /rzdist/linux  and others.
/usr/local is only used for "real" locally installed

It is true that there are quite a lot of ports that don't
support PREFIXes different from /usr/local correctly.
I know, I should have send-pr'ed all of them, but that
would have taken me several days...  I promise to do it
next time I stumble across some, I promise.  :-)

Even more off-topic:  On our Solaris boxes, we use /opt
for external packages (such as those that come from Sun
itself, like the compiler suite SUNWspro), and we use
/usr/local  for software that we install ourself manually,
i.e. not from a ready-made package.


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