I've put the latest patches for tagged queueing on ATA disks up
for ftp on:


This is a snapshot from one of my working tree's and other minor
fixes are also included, but thats another story...

>From the README:

  Experimental support for tagged queing on ATA disks that supports it.
  (IBM drives and some WD drives that are rebadged IBM's).
  This code only works on drives sitting alone on an ATA channel, and
  should work on all controllers.

  Support for master/slave combinations, and ATA/ATAPI ditto is being
  worked on, but this requires a controller with support for the
  "auto nop" functionality. Which of the many different controllers
  supports this is unknown at this time, but HPT controllers has
  the needed functionality, and should be a safe bet.

  It seems that the DJNA series of IBM disks has some problems
  with tagged queueing, but at least the DPTA and DTLA series
  are known to work. The older DTTA series has not been tested

  The test runs so far indicates a 3% performance gain on a make -j16 world,
  with a 30% reduction in system time, not too bad for a first shot.

Enjoy and let me know of your findings!


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