It seems Alex Zepeda wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 01:58:46PM +0200, Soren Schmidt wrote:
> >   Support for master/slave combinations, and ATA/ATAPI ditto is being
> >   worked on, but this requires a controller with support for the
> >   "auto nop" functionality. Which of the many different controllers
> >   supports this is unknown at this time, but HPT controllers has
> >   the needed functionality, and should be a safe bet.
> > 
> >   It seems that the DJNA series of IBM disks has some problems
> >   with tagged queueing, but at least the DPTA and DTLA series
> >   are known to work. The older DTTA series has not been tested
> >   yet.
> So does anyone know of any other combo that might work well?  I've had
> nothing but trouble with my HighPoint 366 based board (have I mentioned I
> think Siig makes awful products?) in two different motherbords and with
> any OS I've tried it with (hell Win98 thought it was a SCSI adapter...).  
> I've got a somewhat older 13gb WD Caviar (claims to support ATA66) and a
> 30gp Deskstar DTLA.  I'm tempted to try out a Promise ATA 100 board...

Hmm, Two of my main machines here run off SIIG HPT366 based boards, I've
newer ever had any problems with those, but the WD disk of yours is
probably to blaim, what exact model is that ?


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