On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Steve Kargl wrote:

> I'm not fluent in FSF configure scripts, but it looks like
> configure tests the compiler for specific features to determine
> CPU type.  The gross hack would be to add CPU_TYPE="generic"
> to /etc/defaults/make.conf, and allow users to define CPU_TYPE
> in /etc/make.conf.  It appears that for example CPU_TYPE="alpha"
> is insufficient because each cpu type 21064, 21164, 21264 has
> tuned asm code.  The bmake file would then have a cascade of
> #ifdef CPU_TYPE to pull in the right code.
> Would a CPU_TYPE variable be useful for others parts of "make world"?

The issue is that you have all sorts of possibilities like i386, i486,
pentium, pentiumpro, pentiummmx, k6, ... which you need to specify in
order of preference. If someone would care to submit example code of how
to handle this nicely from both the user and makefile perspective I'd be
grateful :-)


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