> (kgdb) ps
>   pid    proc    addr    uid  pri ppid  pgrp   flag stat comm         wchan
>    37 c7874a00 c9665000    0  32     6    36  004086  3  tar          piperd c9663f20
>    36 c7874bc0 c960a000    0  32     6    36  004006  3  tar          FFS node 

This looks like you've hit the limit for the FFS node memory type.

vmstat -m will indicate if this is correct.

If you see somethinig like

  Memory statistics by type                      Type  Kern
      Type  InUse MemUse HighUse  Limit Requests Limit Limit Size(s)
   FFS node262144 65536K  65536K 65536K  2024460    0     6  256
Memory Totals:  In Use    Free    Requests
                93897K    608K     9482590

(i.e. MemUse == Limit), then you've hit the limit.  The process
allocating a FFS node normally holds a vnode lock, resulting in 
a cascade of vnode locks and a frozen system.

Increasing the kmem_map size (by setting a loader variable
(kern.vm.kmem.size) or defining VM_KMEM_SIZE and VM_KMEM_SIZE_MAX in
the kernel config file) should help.

- Tor Egge

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