On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> This looks like you've hit the limit for the FFS node memory type.


>    FFS node262144 65536K  65536K 65536K  2024460    0     6  256

So the symptom is clear. But the cause?

With pre SMPng I had the default kmem sizes (which is 12MB I think).
Now I bumped kern.vm.kmem.size 4 times to 40960000 (which leads to 20k max-mem
for FFS node) and still can't tar /usr/ports to /dev/null!

Where comes the increased memory consumption from ?!?

BTW: What is the KMEM exactly:
Kernel real memory? 
Kernel virtual memory?

Thanks anyway for your answer and your efforts!

Michael Reifenberger
^.*Plaut.*$, IT, R/3 Basis, GPS

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