I don't believe the handbook covers "today's" 5.0-Current...
Why would having no bustmastering DMA IDE disk contriollers on an all-scsi
system cause a system to page fault from "today's" kern.flp && mfsroot.flp
boot floppy.

Try again...

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On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Tony Johnson wrote:

> When I booted the 9/27/2000 (ie. today)  I got a page fault 12 in kernel
> mode.  The problem seems to be because I have all my IDE devices turned
> in my bios.  If this is the case, please undo this!  That would be the
> silliest reason for a kernel to not boot because I want to save irq's.  I
> got this from downloading the flp images and fdimage-ing them to disks!
> Please fix this

You havent given enough information to diagnose the problem. See the
handbook about kernel debugging.


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