> > I prefer previous patch because most of the code in i386/acpi_machdep.c
> > can be shared with IA64 I think.
> I'm not so sure about that.  I suspect that the IA64 code is going to be
> using the 'generic address' structures and the x-fields in eg. the FACT.
> It won't be using the bios signature search either, or the int15
> interface.  Realistically, the code in acpi_machdep.c is very simple.a
> I also think that if I'm going to continue to use a private identify 
> method to attach ACPI (IMO a good idea) then I want to keep its 
> implementation as separate from the 'generic' ACPI code as possible.  The 
> pmap interface and one checksum routine is all that the current division 
> uses, and that's fairly clean.

OK, understood.  How about having MD sub-routine in the same interface
(say acpi_set_resources() or acpi_create_instance() or whatever) for
i386 and ia64?  Then generic ACPI identify method calls suitable
sub-routine depending on machine architecture.

 - i386/i386/acpi_machdep.c
        acpi_set_resources() (ex-acpiprobe_identify())
 - ia64/ia64/acpi_machdep.c

 - dev/acpi/acpi.c
                this is quite simple, just do simple error checking and
                call acpi_set_resources() then return.

Is this good for you too?

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