> > Great!  This is really great!!  I didn't think we can have ACPICA
> > kernel so earlier.
> Well, let's see if it works right first.  8)  I hear from Intel that they 
> plan to release a new code revision today, so I will be updating when 
> they do.  I also hear that Andrew Grover (the chap at Intel that's been 
> answering my mails) has just joined acpi-jp (G'day!).

Welcome to acpi-jp ML, Andrew and Mike!
I've just tried acpica-bsd-20001003, this is greater than before :-)
It seems GPE events are handled correctly on my PORTEGE.

BTW, System sleep transition and PowerResource manipulation are not
implemented yet where we have done already.
# I'm not sure we did in right way though :-)

How is the status on them?  May I try to implement them porting our old code?

> > OK, I have a patch for AcpiOsSleep and AcpiOsSleepUsec which I was
> > involed in recently.
> Thanks, I've incorporated it.

Ack, thanks.

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