> Great!  This is really great!!  I didn't think we can have ACPICA
> kernel so earlier.

Well, let's see if it works right first.  8)  I hear from Intel that they 
plan to release a new code revision today, so I will be updating when 
they do.  I also hear that Andrew Grover (the chap at Intel that's been 
answering my mails) has just joined acpi-jp (G'day!).

> > Comments and suggestions would definitely be appreciated.
> > 
> >  http://people.freebsd.org/~msmith/acpica-bsd-20001002.tar.gz
> OK, I have a patch for AcpiOsSleep and AcpiOsSleepUsec which I was
> involed in recently.

Thanks, I've incorporated it.

> For Semaphore, mtx_* (ported from BSD/OS?) is used in your implementation.
> I just wonder if NetBSD people will use traditional lock...

I guess that depends on how they decide to thread their kernel.  Right 
now, the code can be built entirely unthreaded and that might be their 
best option.  At some point, they'll have to bite the bullet and 
implement some synchronisation primitives of their own.  If they have any 
common sense, they'll use the BSD/OS model as we have (or some variant on 

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