> > I had asked for a 3rd floppy earlier that we could put f/w images and other
> That sounds nice in theory, but somebody needs to write the code which
> deals with floppy switching and module loading before this is anything
> but yet another request.  How's your forth? :)

Hmm?... my forth is poor, but I don't believe that's the issue. If I
understand how the floppies currently work is that it's just like our normal
boot loader- we start coming up. If you want to load other drivers or modules
(like ispfw), you hit the 'other than Enter' to stop the loading progress,
switch floppies and load ispfw, davicom ethernet, a splash screen with
jordan's face, whatever...then you type 'boot'- then the normal mfsroot floppy
handoff works. The loader for i386 uses bios services to read a DOS filesystem
on a floppy or the C , D, E and so on drive, right?

This wasn't 'just another request'- although you hearing it from me might make
you think so. You asked "what should we do?". I responded with something which
I believe might 'just work' if you make 3rd floppy. I'll take a couple of
minutes to go try it if I can find what I did with my 4.1 floppies unless
you're sure this doesn't work. If you're email to -current was "only answers
with patches against -current will be heard", you really should have said so.


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