At Sat, 14 Oct 2000 13:57:07 -0700 (PDT),
Matthew Jacob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I had asked for a 3rd floppy earlier that we could put f/w images and other
> drivers on. Now that we have a mostly loadable system, it strikes me that this
> would be an excellent time to trim down the GENERIC to the common denominator
> per-platform and then have compressed driver images available on a 3rd floppy
> if people need them.

It's a nice idea, but this means that boot.flp can exceed 2.88MB
limit.  As far as I know, the maximum size of boot image of El-Torito
bootable CD-ROM is 2.88MB.

When I install from CD-ROM, I have to enable ATAPI or SCSI drivers
first, and then load Network dirvers and so on.  When I install from
the net, I have to enable Ethernet, PLIP or PPP drivers first, and
then load ATAPI or SCSI drivers and so on.

Currently, sysinstall supports two types of install media: local media
and remote media.  Boot.flp should be capable of loading drivers from
the install media.

Local media installation:

Disk1-1: kernel,  atapi + scsi drivers
Disk2: sysinstall and utilities
Disk3: driver disk

Remote media installation:

Disk1-2: kernel, network drivers
Disk2: sysinstall and utilities
Disk3: driver disk

I think that disk 2 and 3 can be shared by them.  Sysinstall have to
ask user about installation media first, and then get compressed *.ko
modules from the installation media.

P.S.: Japanese/Korean boot.flp for 4.1.1 will be available in a few
days (test version is available at, and I believe that it
can be ported to -current easily, but it needs pty support in the
Disk1 currently....

Tatsumi Hosokawa

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