Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
> -On [20001021 20:10], Jordan Hubbard ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >> I wish to update rc.network6 and introduce rc.firewall6.
> >
> >Hmmmm.  I must confess that I see /etc as getting rather cluttered
> >these days.  Is there no way to perhaps collapse some of the most
> >related functionality into single files and start passing arguments
> >or something?  Just a comment..
> The IPv6 systems are so much different in set-up than the IPv4 systems.
> Collapsing of the functions is not really doable.
> However, Umemoto-san and me will discuss this, since we [he mostly] have
> been working on this for the last few months.

        An /etc/ipv6 directory might be a useful alternative as well. In my
mind 3 files is the point at which a directory starts being useful, and
adding rc.firewall6 would make it 4. 

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