John W. De Boskey noticed me some points to check out,
 I now can boot my fbsd box with the recent built kernel.

 I disabled mfs, and random_load, these 2 made my fbsd box
 hangs (not really hangs, it looks like waiting for some 
 jobs done) 2 times at boot. 

 with the mfs enable, it hangs there right after FILESYSTEM
 checking, and with random_load set to YES, it hangs at ldconfig.

 // Donny

Leif Neland wrote:
> >  When boot, all go fine at the beginning, and stop right after
> >  showing the msg:
> >      :
> >  /dev/da0s1e: clean, 92565 free (125 frags, 11555 blocks,
> > 0.1%fragmentation)
> <metoo>
> My hangs at loading ldconf. I can continue with ^C.
> It then hangs at loading aout-ldconf. I can continue with ^C
> It hangs a 3. time, where I again can continue with ^C.
> It then complains for missing .so's, naturally because the ldconf was
> interrupted, and some commands won't work because of that, but the system
> is at least somewhat working...
> </metoo>
> I'll see if I can narrow it down somewhat.

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