On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 05:07:42PM -0400, Brandon D. Valentine wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Brian O'Shea wrote:
> >Sounds interesting.  To add a new rc script to the system, do you have
> >to add an entry to an "rc order list" somewhere (in addition to adding
> >the new script)?  How is that handled?  The nice (or clumsy, depending
> >on your point of view) part about the SysV way is that the order in
> >which the rc scripts are executed is implicit in the scripts' names.
> >Of course, they have added a symlink maze (worse, hard links on HP-UX)
> >on top of that, making it tedious to maintain rc scripts by hand
> >(maybe that was by design).
> Hmm I don't have any NetBSD machines running the later 1.5 revisions
> yet, so I've not seen the new scripts, but I would say that adding a new
> script to a list of rc files would be much less hassle than adding an
> entry in a monolithic /etc/rc to process that new file.

I agree.  However, I was comparing it to the SysV rc script format,
not to the existing BSD rc scripts.


Brian O'Shea

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