> This was my thought also.  I put the TCP/IP scripts at 99 to make 
> sure that any slow network initialization is done.
> Since they all start with S - for example S99tcp - moving it
> to s99tcp will keep it from starting, and the Knn<name> in the same
> directory is used to stop things when moving from that run level.
> It's one of the things I like about the Sys V /etc/rc<n>.d
> directory structure, as you can easily fine tune it to fit your
> needs.  Just a look at the files and you know the order.

The primary reason I'm aware of is to support transitioning
between run levels, where some of the stuff in the previous
run level is left running.

For the increasingly anal security types, run levels would let
you support booting without a network, until after you had
battened down the hatches.  I'd never use it, in normal use,
but what the heck...

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