I've tested last nights make release built
install via both ftp and nfs and am seeing
some rather strange results timeing wise:

   A full install (ie: select ALL) w/ ports.

   NFS:  about 18 minutes. (ave. about 1000KB/sec)

   FTP:  about 70 minutes. (ave. about 45KB/sec)

   on the same box after the install, I can
ftp to the server and mget all the files in
just a few moments. ie: The snap server I'm
using isn't the problem.

   Any ideas of what the best way to debug this
from the holographic shell might be?  Some tools
are available, others are available but don't
work (like top). While this is happenning, the
idle process is accumulating time almost lockstep
with walltime.

   Ideas welcome.


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