> Hi,
>    I've tested last nights make release built
> install via both ftp and nfs and am seeing
> some rather strange results timeing wise:
>    A full install (ie: select ALL) w/ ports.
>    NFS:  about 18 minutes. (ave. about 1000KB/sec)
>    FTP:  about 70 minutes. (ave. about 45KB/sec)
>    on the same box after the install, I can
> ftp to the server and mget all the files in
> just a few moments. ie: The snap server I'm
> using isn't the problem.

Maybe just as a datapoint. My -current snap building machine is running
a kernel of Oct 24 and I noticed this morning that it is taking a very
long time to scp the snap to internat. Normally it takes a few minutes
but it is now more than a hour and it isn't halfway yet. The machine
is almost totally idle. The machine is running an SMP kernel if it


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