On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 10:43:44PM +0200, Rogier R. Mulhuijzen wrote:
> Oh, just out of curiosity, I build both my kernel and world with 
> -mcpu=pentiumpro and -march=pentiumpro. Would there be any reasons not to?

Anything above -O -pipe is not offically supported.  While you didn't
give your optimization level, it's probably -O2 or so, and that has
burned people in the past who built their kernels as such.

So the offical answer is no, you can't do that.  But the unoffical answer
is if it works for you, count your blessings and continue.  But
when something breaks, before you complain with a problem, go back
and compile your kernel with no more than -O -pipe.

      Dan Papasian

"How are we to distinguish the difference between
reality and dream?  Dreams result from a relationship
of atoms.  So do our bodies."
        --Charles Augustus Lindbergh

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