On Sat, Nov 04, 2000 at 05:19:44PM +0900, Makoto MATSUSHITA wrote:
> matusita> I've found that current src/sys/modules/linux for RELENG_4
> matusita> is not 'make -j' safe. It maybe causes a problem if you want
> matusita> to make a module.
> Long time has past and, but problem is still there.
> OK, we all FreeBSD users should forget the fact that there is an
> option '-j' in make(1) and it's helpful for building FreeBSD. I dunno

AFAIK, we've never really supported -j for kernel building (which the
linux module is part of).  -j makes for world should certainly still

Or you could help debug the problem and submit at Makefile patch. :-)

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