dcs> Err, we have been supporting -j for kernel building for a LONG
dcs> time. The "depend" and "install" targets did not support it, but
dcs> support on the "all" target is about as old as support on the
dcs> "buildworld" target.

AFAIK, that's right.

Obrien, please check src/release/Makeefile commitlog of revision
1.536.2.15 (for 4-stable) and 1.557 (for current) via CVSweb (or whatever):

You can see two make variable, WORLD_FLAGS and KERNEL_FLAGS, to pass
some options such as -jX to make(1) if you want to do make release.

obrien> Or you could help debug the problem and submit at Makefile patch. :-)

Maybe that's great, but sorry I don't have a time to do now...

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