> Someone (I can't find who in my records, please let me know if it was
> you so I can credit you in the commit message) sent out patches to
> make the vx driver not use the pci compat shims.  I just found it in
> my home directory, applied it, tweaked things very minorly and it
> builds and boots.  Trouble is, I don't have a vortex to test with.  It
> also appears that there is no driver maintainer at this time, so I
> thought I'd send it here.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with this patch. Somebody
tried copying the EISA attachment code too closely: there's only one
I/O space that needs to be allocated (the pci_io allocation is bogus).
The IRQ allocation needs the RF_SHAREABLE flag or it will blow up in
the case where the IRQ is shared with another device. Also, the vx
driver still uses the ugly hack of statically allocated softc structs.

I was working on this in the office the other day and just got done
testing it. I have patches to fix all of this, plus make it use the
bus_space_*() stuff instead of inb/outb/etc, plus allow it to be compiled
as a KLD. The only thing I didn't do was implement detach routines,
which means the driver can be loaded as a KLD, but not unloaded.
The driver should also build in the alpha.

I'll commit the changes to -current shortly.


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