It seems Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> Hi!
> I have just completed a new kernel build (to test the sound:-) but now I
> have a similar problem to that reported on -stable wrt 4.2-BETA. Upon boot,
> ad1 (sitting on ata0 as slave) is not recognized and therefore the boot
> cannot complete. I have even remade the devices because MAKEDEV was changed,
> but it was not the solution. I have completed a buildworld too so sources
> userland and kernel are definitely in sync.
> Of course, I can reconfigure ad1 to become seconadry master (and probably
> that is what I will try next) but this problem seems to be serious and 
> related to
> the one on -STABLE so I thought I would report it. Of course, IDE slave
> disks always worked on this system before. In my kernel config I only have 
> device ata
> device atadisk
> device atapicd
> The disks are Quantum FireBall lct15 on ad0 and Q. Fireball SE 4.3A as
> ad1 but I do not think this should matter. FYI, the ATAPI CD-ROM sitting on
> ata1 master was detected without probs.
> Any ideas?

Damn, why cant I reproduce this misbehavior, please feel free to investigate
why the probe code fails, and then please tell me...


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