On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 05:08:04PM +0100, Soren Schmidt wrote:

> The problem has been around for at least a couble of month both in
> current and stable, but only a select few has seen it, I've chased
> it with any drive/controller I have access to, but hasn't been able
> to reproduce it..
> If you can find a way that I can reproduce it, I'm sure I can
> fix the problem in a few minutes.. ssh access to a box that has
> this problem could also help, but "hands on" are often much better
> for this kind of problems...

Hmmm... I have been trying to get things sorted out but have not been able
to do much. Upon fitting ata-all.c with some printf()-s, itt seems that the
probe in ata_probe(device_t dev) seems to do DTRT. (ie it evaluates the if
statements in lines 838 and 844 respectively and sets the mask for each
device that exists on the controller. The only case where the if statement
gave "false" was on ata1-slave but I *really* do not have anything on there.
In other words, ata0-slave was found it seems.)

But this is appearently not enough and I do not know why. (It shows that I
am not an experienced hacker... sigh)

So, what information would be helpful in getting this problem solved? As for
reproducing it, well, just grab a Spacewalker HOT 637/P mobo with Intel
LX440 AGP chipset, fit two Quantum hdd-s on ata0 and a Sony CDU-621 on
ata1-master, boot a kernel with the most recent ata stuff and there you
go:-) Seriously, I have nothing special on this machine, it has always been
very friendly to FreeBSD; when many other hw configs had problems, this one
seemd to be immune (although earlier I did not have the hdd on ata0-slave,
sooo...) but now, I am stuck. 

Any and all information or help I can provide, or things I should try, just
tell me. 

Sorry for not being able to track this thing down.

Szilveszter ADAM
Szeged University
Szeged Hungary

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