It seems Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 04:27:32PM +0100, Soren Schmidt wrote:
> > Damn, why cant I reproduce this misbehavior, please feel free to investigate
> > why the probe code fails, and then please tell me...
> > 
> > -Søren

> Machine is on a Spacewalker mobo with Intel LX 440 chipset. (so no VIA @
> work this time) and a PII233. The probe code worked correctly on a world &
> kernel from 3rd November. No Promise etc or similar cards in the system just
> the on-board controller.
> This narrows down the window to the last couple of days, there were not many
> files changed there wrt to ata. I will try things and will get back to you
> immediately. (unfortunately machine cannot send mail directly because of
> stupid university firewall.)
> The only interesting thing is: Why were there no reports from -CURRENT users
> this far when this thing bit at least one person on -STABLE already? Is this
> such a rare occurence?

The problem has been around for at least a couble of month both in
current and stable, but only a select few has seen it, I've chased
it with any drive/controller I have access to, but hasn't been able
to reproduce it..
If you can find a way that I can reproduce it, I'm sure I can
fix the problem in a few minutes.. ssh access to a box that has
this problem could also help, but "hands on" are often much better
for this kind of problems...


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