In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Bill Paul writes:
: Is there any support planned for externalizing the CIS info somehow,
: i.e. by providing bus methods to call the CIS parsing routines? Another
: way to do it would be to pass the info down to the child device using
: ivars. I would imaging that there's similar support for this in Windows,
: otherwise Intel's driver wouldn't work.

Yes.  There's two things we're planning on exporting.  First is to
export parsed data as various Ivars, like we do for the the 16-bit
cards.  This will likely be the interface that you want to use, since
we know about network nic addresses.  The whole CIS parsing for
cardbus is a little bogus at the moment, so we're looking at making it
much less bogus.

The other interface will be an enumerative interface where you can get
a callback for each CIS entry.  These will be bus method based so that
they will be the same between 16-bit and 32 bit code.


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