In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "Justin T. Gibbs" writes:
: >That's what I mean.  You call this, and it will remap the CIS (if it
: >has been unmapped), walk it for you and pass you a pointer to each CIS
: >entry one at a time to the function you specify.
: >
: >Warner
: I'd rather have a seek/read interface than have a callback.

The problem with a read/seek interface is that you are consuming a
resource (a memory window) while you are using it.  You'd need an
open/close on top of that as well to properly map things in to start
and then free them at the end.  Plus you might want a ftell sort of
interface as well.  I'll likely punt on the seek/ftell part.

But it would make the client code a little easier to cope with:

        uchar8_t cis[CIS_MAX_LENGTH];
        size_t len;
        cis_cookie_t cookie;

        card_map_cis(dev, &cookie);
        while (card_read_cis(dev, cookie, cis, &len)) {
                frob the cis entry
        card_unmap_cis(dev, cookie);

I'll see how hard it would be to come up with this, if this sort of
interface is reasonable.


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