> Apologies upfront if anything I ask/say has already been covered, I'm
> somwhat limited in my resources at present.
> In my past experience, FreeBSD hasn't agreed very well with IBM
> thinkpad laptops, unless you were using the vt0 console driver.

This is *VERY* old information.  When Pentium's were introduced
(755/560) series, it has no longer been a necessity.

The old 486 laptops need vt0, but anything newer works fine with sc0.

(I speak from experience, having had an IBM laptop for 7-8 years, and
being responsible for writing or integrating the code in FreeBSD to
support IBM Thinkpads.)

I'm also typing on a ThinkPad right now, which is my 'main' platform,
and it's doing fine with syscons, as have my previous 3 ThinkPads.


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