On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 03:08:34AM -0800, David O'Brien wrote:

> In this case it doesn't matter -- "a fresh hard drive" and "local
> package" implies that the -current packages on ftp.freebsd.org haven't
> been built since the bump and are thus slightly out dated.

Plus all 3rd party software that provides only binaries (legato, glftpd, etc).

Without the compat libraries or the symlink hacks these programs have no
way of running.

> > I'll renew my annoyance with the fact that we just bumped this without
> > even figuring out why things broke or if we could change them in a way
> > to save functionality without having to bump the version number[1].
> It doesn't matter as at least Garrett has some changes he's going to make
> that aren't compatible.  libc.so will be at least at version "5" in
> FreeBSD 5.0, so we'll have to go thru this pain eventually anyway.

Suckage. At least we'll know the reason this time.

> > We also never propagated this bump to RELENG_4, so the release shipped
> > with the worst of both worlds.
> Huh?  Why the worst of both worlds??

Incompatible changes AND no way to differentiate between the two. (plus we
don't even know what changed it, so we have no way of telling people "your
libc before X won't work with binarys that use the frobozz() interface)

> I'm not quite sure what isn't together other than no compat4x libc.so.4
> yet -- I can certainly create one, but I'll have to update it for the
> libc.so.4 in 4.3 and 4.4.  Don't forget the compat libs are uuencoded
> files, so CVS will see large diffs.  If people don't mind, I'll certainly
> make the compat libs now.

People who have binaries they can't recompile will need them. The fact that
it pains our CVS tree really isn't an issue to me, I'd like to think we have
software engineering that utilizes source code management, and not the other
way around.

Bill Fumerola - security yahoo         / Yahoo! inc.

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