Thanks for everyone's input, I feel I'm getting closer and see where my previous

thinking had gone wrong.
I tried this-

>         I'd suggest just symlinking to, nothing terrible
> should happen.

and now when booting get-

Local package initialization:fopen: No such file or directory

So I copied from the 4.0 livefile cd....This gave the same message
(also had
a core dump but may be unrelated).

But the good news is now emacs, cvsup, etc. are working.

I don't know if this matters but when looking at-

implies that the -current packages on haven't
been built since the bump and are thus slightly out dated.

I'm thinking the snapshot came from (SNAP5)

And when it was mentioned-

2. a 4.1.1-RELEASE was being used on a 4.0-RELEASE system.

I thought I may have problems with using 4.0-RELEASE on a 5.0-CURRENT
and may be better going with the symlink to  or look for
a 4.2-RELEASE up for people to download and put in /usr/lib/compat


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