On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 12:44:34PM -0600, Bill Fumerola wrote:
> > Huh?  Why the worst of both worlds??
> Incompatible changes AND no way to differentiate between the two. (plus we
> don't even know what changed it, so we have no way of telling people "your
> libc before X won't work with binarys that use the frobozz() interface)

There wasn't an incompatible change.  There is too much confusion on
this issue.  There were two things that caused a problem.

1. a bug in libc_r such that programs that ran before, crashed.
2. a 4.1.1-RELEASE libc.so.4 was being used on a 4.0-RELEASE system.

#1 just showed off incorrect application code.
#2 has never been officially supported.

> People who have binaries they can't recompile will need them. The fact that
> it pains our CVS tree really isn't an issue to me,

This is -current, so people should be able to deal with the issue.  I'll
probably put a 4.2-RELEASE libc.so.4 up for people to download and put in
/usr/lib/compat manually.

> I'd like to think we have software engineering that utilizes source
> code management, and not the other way around.

I would like to think that way too -- but that isn't the truth.
As I said, I'm willing to commit a compat lib now, but I don't want any
crap when I update it and the diff is the size of the file itself.

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