Mike Smith wrote:
> > The program works on Compaq True64 UNIX v 4.0d
> > It also works on Solaris 7 (only tested sparc).
> >
> > So it seems FreeBSD is broken here.
> FreeBSD just behaves differently.  If you want to write to the whole
> disk, open the whole-disk device, not the 'c' partition.

Thanks Mike, /dev/da18 works fine for me although I notice that
/dev/da18s1 does not.  There seems to be some inconcistencies
in this area.

Please tell me (and for the benefit of the list) as to why
I cant use /dev/da18s1c ?

Note that the disk has been set up with "fdisk -I da18" and
then "disklabel -wr da18s1".

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