Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> >>| Partition table | Data                                            |
> >>                  | Slice 1           | Slice 2 | Slice 3 | Slice 4 |
> >>                  | Disklabel | Data  |
> >>                              |   c   |
> >>                              |a|b|f|g|
> >
> >That is really an excellent diagram.  That should be in an FAQ
> >somewhere.  Doc committers?
> Except it is not actually correct.  The BSD disklabel is usually
> inside the 'a' partition and certainly inside the 'c'

Is that so? Mea culpa, then. At least I knew what I was talking about
wrt partition table and the actual slices.

This diagram is just an example. There can be less slices, it doesn't
show extended partitions (extended slices??? :), it suggests an ordering
that is not necessary. If this is going to the FAQ or the handbook, a
number of notes should be made to point out these (and possibly others
I'm overlooking right now) issues.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

                "The bronze landed last, which canceled that method of impartial

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