There is also a new access point (either just available or "RSN") from
Zyxel (316); it is a combination of a 310 (cable modem/bridged DSL/PPPOE
router) and single-card bridged access point.

I'm using one at work (overkill since I'm not using the router) as a 
bridged access point; it works just fine in that role (plug the ethernet
into the "LAN" (10/100!) port and leave the "WAN" port empty).  

Stock it only comes with 40 bit but maybe could be used with a gold
(or equivalent) card (haven't tried it, though).  The card it comes 
with is OEM'd by someone (Melco?) and does have an antenna jack.

At home I'm currently using a Lucent card in a FBSD machine as a base; IBSS 
create does work; it gets a hybrid between BSS and ad-hoc mode (at least 
the client connects in infrastructure mode).  In this mode the client is
transmitting a lot, though; makes the laptop power supply get pretty

-- Pete

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