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> : Is there a list of wireless pc cards that work (and how well they work)
> : with FreeBSD??
> There's /etc/defaults/pccard.conf, which says breifly:
>       Aironet 340/342 Series 11Mbps 802.11 wireless NIC

This should read:

Cisco Aironet 340 Series 11Mbps 802.11 wireless NIC

I though this had been fixed, but apparently it wasn't in all places.

>       Aironet PC4800 11Mbps 802.11 wireless NIC

These aren't 802.11b compatable.  They played the usual game of releasing
before the final IEEE vote on the standard to be early to market and
didn't win the vote.  The 802.11b compatable Aironet access points (Cisco
APs) can be configured to support these, but the don't interoperate fully.

-- Brooks

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