"Daniel C. Sobral" wrote:
> > Regardless /dev/da18s1 should work as for /dev/da18
> No, and no. You misunderstand the problem.
> A disk on IBM PC compatible computers has the following format:

I dont misunderstand the problem and I do know how disks are laid out
under FreeBSD.  I may not have expressed myself very well when I said
"/dev/da18s1 should work as for /dev/da18" as I was referring to my
in context discussion of "why cant I write to this device".

My point is that I should be able to write to anything and do the
damage that would result.

Solaris and Compaq's Tru64 (the OS formerly know as DEC OSF/1) both
allow me to destroy the UNIX disklabel by writing to the 'c'
partition.  I am of the opinion that FreeBSD should allow me to
as well.  The kernel has an in-memory copy of the disklabel so
there shouldn't be a technical issue to stop me from doing so.

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