On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 01:32:47AM -0800, Mike Smith wrote:
> > Why is there the same VGA code in dev/fb/vga.c and libvgl? I think
> > especially of the set_palette routines.
> The framebuffer code is a newer addition.  Libvgl was done quite a while 
> ago as more or less a proof-of-concept.
> > As a more general rule, what's the philosophy for the future of
> > libvgl and framebuffer? Should VGL drawing routines be moved to
> > dev/fb/vga.c?
> The framebuffer should grow a set of drawing primitives, yes.  Exactly 
> what these primitives is is probably open to discussion.  A good idea 
> might be to look at the GGI project, which is producing 
> BSD-license-compatible kernel-side graphics code.

I'm currently porting GGI ;) This is why I'm interested in kernel graphic
support. I have already something done which is based on the VGL library
(keyboard and display in VGA modes -- the mouse is the standard linux-mouse
of GGI on top of /dev/sysmouse). It's already in the GGI library source package.

I can't hide much longer that my project is to get KGI ported to FreeBSD. But
that's another huge part. First, I'd like to have a clean overview of VGA/VESA/FB
support in FreeBSD. I think that with some efforts in the newbus direction, I'd
get rapidly this overview, isn't it?

Actually I moved to GGI / FreeBSD considerations because we need, in my company,
some proof of our capability to integrate low level stuff in open source kernels.
The second point is that I personaly think that FreeBSD has some lacks in graphic
support and that XFree is something to heavy.

I'd really love... a graphic boot. Yes, I know, that's not a priority for FreeBSD
headquarters :) For this I'll need graphic very early in the boot stages and I'll
certainly ask you more about this soon or later.


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