> Last night I installed a kernel with 'device acpica' for the 1st
> time, and all seems fine, except that I see this at boot:
> too many dependant configs
> I traced this message to /usr/src/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_isa.c, function
> acpi_isa_set_start_dependant().
> Now, I have not had any indication of errors during ISA bus enumeration
> before, so why should I get this from the ACPI isa bus enumeration?

It just means that you have a device with more configuration options than 
our code can deal with; we just ignore the extra options. 

> Doesn't seem to hurt anything, but I'm curious (and ACPI-ignorant) :)

This part is just like BIOS PnP.  The warning indicates that we're losing 
possibly-useful information, but if things are still working, all is well.

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