> Since we are on the subject of ACPI, it is working great except for one
> thing, it can't attach my sound card to the pcm device (does that sound
> correct?). It definitely sees it:
> unknown: <YMH0021> can't assign resources

This would suggest that something else is taking one or more of the 
resources that the device needs; on top of that, you may not have the 
driver necessary for this device in your kernel (you need 'isa' and 

> Looks like the yamaha chipset to me. If I could get sound working, I'd
> definitely be using acpica all the time.

The PnP BIOS code should pick this up as well, as long as your PnP BIOS 

> I think the thermal management
> has been improved since the last time I tried it -- it kept the temp <
> 356K. Is there any way to set a temperature to be maintained? Or some way
> to actually query the current temperature? (lmmon doesnt work)

The ACPI thermal management code doesn't actually work yet (it's being 
worked on).  You don't set a temperature; the platform tells the OS what 
temperature(s) to maintain based on power profile, etc.

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